How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Yourself In 7 Simple Steps……

Learn how to get rid of bed bugs from your pillow and mattrressEliminating bed bugs from your home can be a very frustrating and stressful life situation. Your home is a sanctuary. To be invaded by an army of blood sucking parasites is unsettling, to say the least!!

The great news is that you are here now! And you are about to discover one of the fastest and least expensive DIY Bed Bug Treatments to eliminate your home’s Infestation for good…..

Why kill bed bugs yourself rather than hire a bed bug exterminator?

  • Save yourself hundreds of dollars
  • Know the job is getting done correctly
  • Avoid the risk of being taken advantage of

Hiring a pest control company to handle your bed bug extermination can potentially cost you several hundreds of dollars or more. And doing the job yourself really is not that difficult.

The most challenging part of Eliminating Bed Bugs is the preparation that needs to be done before the actual treatment. And the inconvenience of having your home in disarray for a few weeks can feel a bit overwhelming at times. You are responsible for pre-treatment preparation whether you hire an exterminator or if you do your extermination yourself……..

So why not save yourself some money and chalk it all up to a new life experience!!

All the pest control company does for you is apply the actual spray and bed bug powder . That is actually the easy part! You can very easily eliminate the extra bed bug extermination cost and save yourself a few hundred dollars.

A bed bug infestation can be a very stressful situation

The toughest part about dealing with an infestation is the psychological stress of fearing the road ahead. The truth is you just focus on one step at a time and before you know it those little blood suckers are gone for good!

This is just a temporary obstacle for you…..

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How do you know if you have bed bugs?

Can you see bed bugs? What do bed bugs look like?

Bed bugs turn a reddish color after feeding on human blood

They are tan or brown, sometimes look black. After a bed bug has just fed on blood their body turns a reddish color and they are slightly enlarged.

Normally they are about 5mm long.

There are adult, young and baby bed bugs. If out in the open, the adults are fairly easy to see with the naked eye.

Baby bed bugs are almost impossible to see… Even in large gatherings…

It can sometimes take months to realize you have bed bugs because they hide during the day and only come out late at night when it has been dark in your room for an hour or more. During the day they are usually hiding near your bed, or chair, or couch. They hide close to where humans spend most of their time because they know that is where they will find their nighttime meal.

To spot bed bugs it is ideal to invest in a UV Blacklight Flashlight (These are also great to take to hotels when you travel). Before you go to bed in the evening you can check for them by looking in the cracks and behind your headboard, along the seams of your mattress on the underside and in the cracks of your bed frame.

On your mattress you may notice dark colored fecal matter and if a one of them is squished they will leave a dark red stain….

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It’s important to realize that once a bed bug infestation breaks out in your home they will most likely spread throughout other rooms in your home. Other places you are likely to find them is:

  • Your Couch
  • Behind wall hangings
  • Seams of chairs
  • Your electrical outlets
  • Curtains
  • Drawers
  • Under large appliances
  • Clothing

You may be able to see the adults with your naked eye, but again, I do recommend investing in your own UV Blacklight Flashlight to truly see how bad of an infestation you may have.

Another way to know if you have an infestation is bed bug bites……

Bed Bug Bites can cause a bed bug rash and be very itchy and uncomfortableBed bug bites can be tricky because sometimes you don’t feel them for a couple days. And sometimes you experience a rash in a different part of your body from where the bite took place.

They inject a numbing agent into you when they  are feeding so you don’t feel them on you while they are feeding on your blood. You may not experience any itching or discomfort until a couple days after the initial bite. Different people will have different levels of sensitivity to bed bug bites.

They will feed approximately about 10 minutes before going back into hiding. After feeding one may not come back to you for another feeding for another 5 to 7 days. They can survive for up to 12 months without feeding. This is why making sure you kill them all is so crucial!!

Eliminating your bed bugs now is of the utmost importance……..The right bed bug spray is crucial to a successful bed bug treatment

Bed bug extermination requires immediacy because they breed at an alarming rate. Every few days you avoid eliminating them the infestation can potentially result in hundreds more bed bugs being born and looking for blood!

Every night there may be dozens of these blood suckers feeding on you while potentially hundreds remain in hiding until they get hungry again for another night……..

It’s time for you to take action now and become a high powered Bed Bug Killer!!!

You will want to come back to this site multiple times during your extermination process for further instruction……..

For Your Easy Access During Your First Bed Bug Treatment You May Want To Bookmark This Page Now……

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Now you will begin your bed bug extermination process. During this step by step process you will learn:You can get rid of bed bugs with DIY Bed Bug Treatment

  • Pre-Treatment Preparation
  • Immediate Bed Bug Protection
  • Applying The Bed Bug Treatment
  • Second Round Of Protection And Elimination
  • When And How To Do Follow Up Treatments
  • Maintenance And Prevention

Before we begin the actual treatment, I want to suggest an optional tool for you to use before, during and after. I highly recommend you invest in an ‘Ultrasonic Bed Bug Repeller‘ device for each room of your home. They are very inexpensive and incredibly powerful.

Your Ultrasonic Bed Bug Repeller will send out an ultrasonic frequency (safe for children, babies and pets) that will drive the bed bugs, other pests and rodents crazy. After a period of time they can’t take the sound any longer and will scramble to escape from it. Also this device can disrupt the their reproductive process and cause them to stop breeding.

If you do choose to make this very wise investment, plug in your Ultrasonic Bed Bug Repeller Device immediately. It will make your extermination treatment even more effective. You can keep your Ultrasonic devices plugged in after the treatment to prevent bed bugs from ever returning to your home…..

STEP 1 – Preparation:

During pre-treatment preparation it is crucial to create a clear space for you to apply your treatment…….

This is a great time to throw away any items you don’t want or need anymore. Grab some large trash bags and go from room to room, especially your bedroom, and throw away anything you do not want or don’t use anymore. This process just allows you to have less stuff to protect and store.

It is very important that you don’t transfer bed bugs from room to room………..

Be sure to spray the inside of your throw away bag with ‘ECO-Defense Bed Bug Spray‘ before you leave each room. After you have discarded everything take your trash bags to an outside garbage bin.

Bed bugs may be hiding in your clothes……

Bed Bugs may be hiding in your clothes right now.Take all clothing in your home from drawers and the closet and put them in sealed trash bags. Take one bag at a time and put those clothes in the dryer. Heat them on high heat for 45 minutes to an hour. Throw away that trash bag in an outside garbage bin. Use a new trash bag to put your clothes in when you remove them from the dryer.

It is best to store any seasonal clothes you don’t currently need or clothes you hardly wear in their own sealed bags. You can store those clothes in an outside storage closet, garage or the trunk of your car.

Any garments that can not be dried on high heat you can take to the dry cleaner. Put them in some kind of sealed container or bag and transport them in the trunk of your car. This also goes for if you do not have an in home washer and dryer and need to go to a laundromat.

Separate items and remove clutter……..

You will want to view all of your items in your home in three ways:

  • Can be laundered
  • Can be steamed
  • Can’t be laundered or steamed

Remove all clutter from the floor. Remove all items from shelves, on dressers, in drawers, etc…… Do not remove items from the room they are in. Create three piles in center of each room (Laundered, Steamed or Can’t be laundered/steamed)

You will not treat these piles yet. But, when it is time, you will launder the laundered pile and steam clean the steamed pile. For the pile that can’t be laundered or steamed (books, shoes, papers, luggage, etc.) you can use a ‘Portable Bed Bug Heater’.

For now, leave those piles in the center of the room……..

Wash your bed sheets in hot water…….

Bed bugs may be hiding in your bedding as well as your mattressTime to take your bed sheets, comforter and pillow cases and wash them in hot water. After washing you need to put them in the dryer on high heat for a minimum of 45 minutes.

Make sure when you carry your bedding to the washer they are all in sealed trash bags so that you don’t spread the bed bugs to other rooms in the house. Carry your bedding directly from your bed to your washing machine.

This process will also kill the bed bug eggs that may be hiding in your bed sheets.

From this point forward, you want to treat one room at a time. Start with the infested bedroom…..

Time to vacuum….be sure to thoroughly vacuum the bed bugs in your carpet.

Before and after your treatment you will need to vacuum. Every time you vacuum you want to spray ‘ECO-Defense Bed Bug Spray’ on the bottom of your vacuum……

Before you begin vacuuming move your bed a few inches away from all walls and dressers or night stands. You want to make sure your bed is several inches away from everything. You will leave your bed this way for the next few weeks.

Now vacuum all areas of the floor in your room. For now, you can vacuum around your three piles of items on the floor. Make sure to get all carpet edges near the walls and near furniture. Vacuum under the bed and all edges of bed. Also vacuum your electrical outlets on the wall.

After that, you can vacuum or steam your mattress, boxspring, headboard, etc. Be sure to vacuum all sides of your mattress and Boxspring.

Make sure as soon as you finish vacuuming you empty your vacuum bag in an outside garbage bin. There may be live bed bugs in that bag that can escape. You will want to empty the bag and discard it outside after each room you vacuum during the extermination process.

Next, take care of your items in the three floor piles……

Now you can treat those items you have separated on your floor…..

Use a portable bed bug heater to kill bed bugs hiding in booksThe items to be laundered, take them in a sealed trash bag, one bag at a time, to the washing machine. Handle that process in the same way you did with your clothing earlier.

The other two piles, go ahead and steam the steam pile using a Steamer. And heat the other pile using a ‘Portable Bed Bug Heater’.

After these piles have been treated put them in sealed trash bags or sealed bins. Remove them from the room. Ideally, store them in an outside storage room, your garage or the trunk of your car.

Getting rid of bed bugs needs to be a very detailed effort. If you are not very detailed and careful it can set you back a lot of time and effort. All it takes is a few of them to mate, breed and multiply.

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STEP 2 – Bed Bug Treatment:

Now is time to start spraying and killing bed bugs. I recommend using the ‘Harris Bed Bug Killer Kit. This kit includes everything you need for your successful treatment…….

Use the Harris Bed Bug Killer Kit for your DIY Bed Bug Treatment.

You will want to follow the detailed instructions that come with your Bed Bug Extermination Kit……… Make sure you use a protective breathing mask, eye protective goggles and gloves during the extermination process!!

  • Don’t spray areas you will be touching, standing or sitting
  • Place heavy focus on all cracks, crevices, folds, nooks and crannies
  • Deeply spray under furniture, door frames, window frames, baseboards, etc
  • Spray along all carpet edges of walls and furniture.
  • Treat all furniture legs and bottoms
  • Spray behind furniture
  • Remove wall fixtures and treat behind them
  • Treat under lamps, including table top lamps
  • Treat anywhere you think little tiny bugs may be hiding from you

The Harris Bed Bug Kit also includes a Bed Bug Aerosol Insecticide. After your initial spray dries, use the aerosol insecticide next because it will kill bed bug eggs….. Again, follow the detailed instructions that come with the Extermination Kit.

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STEP 3 – Put your ‘Bed Bug Mattress Cover’ on your mattress, box spring and pillows:

Now, you want to start preparing your protection to eliminate any further bed bug bites……

Immediately put on your ‘Bed Bug Mattress Encasement to trap any of them that may still be in your mattress and to take away their favorite hiding place. This will protect your bed from becoming reinfested…..

Use a bed bug mattress cover after your initial bed bug treatment.

You will want to add a Mattress Encasement to your mattress and separate encasements to your box spring and pillows. (Be sure to wait until they are dry from the treatment before applying your Mattress Encasement).

Applying your bed bug mattress cover, along with the next step you’re about to learn, will protect you from being fed on by any further blood sucking pests………

After this very first bed bug treatment you should be safe from any further bed bug bites.

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STEP 4 – Fortify your home with the protection of ‘Diatomaceous Earth Powder’:

Diatomaceous Earth and Bed bugs do not get along!!! They are killed almost instantly when they come in contact with this powder.

Basically you will want to use Diatomaceous Earth to build protective walls. It’s a bed bug booby trap! The purpose for this step is to restrict the their mobility. When they try to travel for feeding time, they will come in contact with the Diatomaceous Earth Powder and die before they make it to the buffet table……

Follow up bed bug spray treatment with Harris Diatomaceous Earth

When applying this bed bug powder it is best to use a hand duster…… And again, use a face mask and goggles….. you do not want to breathe this dust in!!

When you apply this bed bug dust insecticide you will want to apply it to many of the same places you did in your initial spray treatment:

  • All around bed legs and base of bed (Keep the bugs from climbing up to you)
  • Remove electrical faceplates and apply inside the wall and outlets
  • All cracks and crevices in bed (Headboard, frame, etc.)
  • Edges inside drawers, cabinets, furniture
  • Baseboards, carpet edges near walls and furniture
  • Under lamps and table lamps
  • Anywhere you think bed bugs may hide

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STEP 5 – Apply Bed Bug Treatment In Other Rooms Of Your Home:

Bed Bugs may be hiding in your couch right now.

Now, you want to apply all of the steps you just did in your bedroom in all of the other rooms in your home. Do each room separately and follow all of the treatment steps before moving to the next room…..

There should be significantly less bed bugs outside of your bedroom.

Be sure to treat furniture. Pay attention to cracks, crevices and folds. Treat under couch and chair cushions.

Be cautious when treating your kitchen. Don’t spray or dust surfaces where you prepare food.

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Step 6 – Repeat Bed Bug Extermination Treatment Every 2 Weeks:

Congratulations!! You just completed your first Bed Bug Treatment! Now, you can relax for a couple weeks. Your extermination journey is not complete though…….

Bed bugs are tough little insects, similar to cockroaches. They are smart and breed quickly, like fleas. This first treatment you just completed has gotten you about 75% to the promised land of a bed bug free home……

You have now eliminated the majority of the little blood suckers in your home. However, there will be some who managed to dodge your attack and a good number of the ‘escapees’ may be pregnant………

You will need to do this entire extermination treatment every 2 weeks for an additional 3-4 treatments. If you choose not to do the follow up treatments you may risk a full on infestation hitting you again within a few weeks.

By using the ‘Ultrasonic Bed Bug Repeller’ I recommended earlier, you will probably only need 1 or 2 follow up treatments rather than 3 or 4.Your bed bug treatment will cause bed bugs to evacuate.

You will probably start seeing more bed bugs during light time over the next few weeks because they will be scrambling for survival…………

If you see any of them over the next few weeks just spray them directly with ‘Eco-Defense Bed Bug Spray’ it will kill them instantly on contact.


STEP 7 – Maintenance and Prevention:

  • Don’t put clothing away in drawers or closets until you finish with follow up treatments
  • Wash and dry all clothing and linens before putting them away after treatments.
  • Wash bedding in hot water and high heat dryer once a week
  • Use ‘Ultrasonic Bed Bug Repeller’ during and after all treatments to prevent re-infestation
  • Spray any bed bugs you see directly with ‘Eco-Defense Bed Bug Spray’
  • Use Essential Oils to repel the pests (Tea Tree Oil, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint)
  • Add Lavender to bedding and clothing when laundering
  • Add Essential Oils to bed legs, head board, furniture and electrical outlets

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Bed bugs will take over your bed if you don't eliminate them

Sleep Tight, Don’t Let The Bedbugs Bite!!!