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How do you know you have Bed Bugs?

Do you have a Bed Bug Rash? Bed Bug Bites???

  • Have you seen Adult Bed Bugs out in the open?
  • Do you have Bed Bug Bites on your body?
  • Do you see little Red Blood Stains on your sheets or mattress?

Bed Bug PicturesBaby Bed Bugs can be difficult to see with the naked eye…

You may want to use a UV Flashlight to search your mattress, box spring and bed frame for bed bugs.


After an Adult Bed Bug has been feeding it will be a bit larger and have a reddish color to it….

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If You Are Suffering From A Bed Bug Infestation You Must Begin Your Bed Bug Treatment Immediately……..

Bed Bugs breed and multiply at tremendously rapid rates…… Every day you ignore them, the infestation grows bigger and wider throughout your home……..

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There Are 5 Crucial Steps To Your Successful Bed Bug Extermination…

Whether you choose to hire a bed bug exterminator or if you do your own Bed Bug Treatment, you are always responsible for the pre-treatment preparation.

Harris Bed Bug KillerBe sure to transport any bedding or clothing to the washing area in sealed trash bags or containers….

The first thing to keep in mind when preparing and executing your bed bug treatment is you do not want to transport bed bugs into other parts of your home.

Unfortunately, if your Bed Bug Infestation is already growing they may already be in other rooms of the home.

“When I had my bed bug infestation, they were in my bathroom, living room couch and even saw one on the wall close to my kitchen!”

It is recommended that you treat every room in your home with your ‘Bed Bug Treatment Kit’. Begin with the bedroom that is most infested…….

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Harris is one of the most experienced pest control companies in business today. They were killing pests for the Calvin Coolidge White House back in the early twenties….

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Your ‘Harris Bed Bug Treatment Kit’ will include instructions to guide you through applying your first Bed Bug Treatment…..

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Now that you have your Bed Bug Treatment Kit ordered, it’s time to begin your pre-treatment preparation……

Bed Bugs PicturesAs you begin your bed bug extermination journey, it is important to remember bed bugs can be hiding anywhere……….

You probably want to steam your mattress and steam anywhere you think bed bugs may be hiding that you can’t launder……

One of the first things you will want to do is wash all your bedding and clothing in hot water ………. and dry them on high heat for a minimum of 45 minutes to an hour……….

Next you will need to vacuum the entire floor. Bed Bugs may be hiding in your carpet. It is usually a good idea to spray Bed Bug Spray on the bottom of your vacuum.

Be sure to empty your vacuum bag at an outside garbage. There may be live bed bugs in there still……

After your Bed Bug Treatment you will want to add a ‘Bed Bug Mattress Cover’ to your mattress to prevent further infestation and bed bug bites………

===> Detailed Bed Bug Treatment Step-By-Step Instruction <===


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